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Our approach to architecture is based upon our desires to make meaningful places and spaces.

We do not see architecture as a product; we see it as a process, committed to over time and requiring great care and attention - architecture is a process of thinking, designing, communicating, collaborating, constructing…

We believe that architecture should be responsive to the unique constraints and requirements of each individual site, client and brief. In this way, architecture has great potential to solve problems.  However we also believe that architecture has the potential to improve peoples lives by providing meaning and comfort to the places they live, work, and play.

We think it is paramount for contemporary design to consider the nature of a place before we commit to any proposal which may change that place forever.  We see the landscape as a precursor to dwelling.

We also imagine spaces as atmospheres, contrasting and complementing each other, attempting to foster a ‘sense of place’ within any architectural proposition. Our approach draws from examples of the contemporary architecture found in Scandinavia, Switzerland, Japan, and America, but all the while rooted in the rural vernacular found most commonly in the UK.

When undertaking a new project, we focus on the principles of construction, designing all aspects in great detail. We examine the brief with the aim of exceeding our clients aspirations, whilst advising on how each decision moves towards betterment for the client, as well as the public at large.

Above all, we hope our architecture brings value, comfort and meaning.


For more examples of our contemporary architecture designs please view our selected projects here, or if you would like to discuss a project please view our contact page here.