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Paul Cashin Architects 'PCA' is a creative RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Chartered Architecture practice based in Winchester, Hampshire. PCA takes a design-led approach to the practise of contemporary architecture, believing that well thought and considered design is essential to the creation of successful architectural space.

The practice undertakes contemporary architectural design projects across residential, commercial and civic sectors of the construction industry. Currently having a number of live projects across Winchester, Hampshire and the South Coast including one-off new build houses, extensions and commercial business projects.

As a small practice, our strength lies in our inclusive and personal approach, working directly with clients, consultants, and contractors, encouraging the cross over between architecture and other areas of art and design.

We are in a consistent state of process, working through a range of media including physical and computer models, hand and computer drawings, sketching and conceptual diagrams, discussions and presentations.

Paul Cashin Architects was founded in 2012 by Paul Cashin. Paul studied Architecture at the Universities of Portsmouth and Vienna, graduating in 2011 with an RIBA Presidents Medal nomination. He has worked for numerous practices, including Design Engine Architects working on contemporary university, school, housing and one-off house projects between 2008 and 2012. Paul has also taught at the University of Portsmouth and was a member of the Project Office for the school. Paul started PCA in 2012 which has set up offices in Winchester in 2016.

Paul is an RIBA Chartered Architect registered with the ARB.

Paul Cashin Architects | Our Architecture Influences: Scandinavia

At PCA we often look towards other examples of architecture and design, to help us increase the quality of our own work through precedents set by others around the world.  As we work we can see opposite us several large reference books on the shelves in our studio, many of them biographical of Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish architects.

As both a student and a practitioner of architecture I have often found myself drawn to the culture of Scandinavia.  The Nordic peoples, their appreciation of design, and perhaps most importantly their deep understanding of their environment and landscape, has encouraged me to learn and appreciate the context of our Great Britain in a somewhat similar way.  

The majority of our projects allow us to think about landscape as opportunities of working within a wider context; sometimes merely as a site that exists before we begin to build, or perhaps the garden that surrounds the building after the work is done.  However, by examining the work of Aalto, Utzon, or Fehn, we can do some much more with the landscape as a driver of our ideas about home and living, and ultimately like they do in the European North, join together the house with the land.

One great example of this is Villa Mairea, completed in 1939 by Alvar Aalto, in Finland - a place I was lucky enough to visit as part of my studies at University.  We spent a few hours quietly experiencing the house before disappearing into the woods beyond, then turning around and looking back towards a home that seemed to be ‘of the forest’, than merely just in the forest.

For examples of our contemporary architecture designs based around Hampshire please view our selected projects here, or if you would like to discuss a project please view our contact page here. Our office is located in Winchester, Hampshire, but we undertake projects across the whole of Southern England.

House Villa Mairea - Alvar Aalto

House Villa Mairea - Alvar Aalto